In keeping with the motto: Non Sibi Sed Omnibus – Not for Self but for All, of our alma mater, the Annie Walsh Memorial School (AWMS), the Washington Metropolitan Branch of AWOGA was founded to raise funds for the advancement of education and for the improvement of the quality of student life at the AWMS.

The Annie Walsh Old Girls Association Washington Metropolitan Branch

Over the last 30 years, AWOGA Washington has made and continues to make numerous, significant contributions to the AWMS which include:

  • Donating a beautiful stained glass window for the school’s chapel
  • Rebuilding the wall around the school
  • Providing funds for musical instruments to form the country’s first all girls marching band
  • Providing funds for musical instruments to form the country’s first all – girls marching band Providing funds for the renovation and refu rbishment of the school library, and the building of a reading room named for Lati Hyde Forster, first black principal of the AWMS
  • Providing financial support for educational pursuits of Annie Walsh students who became refugees in the Gambia as a result of the civil war in Sierra Leone
  • Providing annual financial incentives for the teachers and supporting staff of the school to encourage retention and productivity
  • Providing ongoing scholarships for financially disadvantaged but meritorious students
  • Providing books, stationery items and various equipment to facilitate the learning process
  • Rewiring the School Hall and IDA building (two – storey block of classrooms)
  • Launching and maintaining of website to provide an information point for all branches of AWOGA, a forum for former and current students to interact / stay in touch, and a resource for fund raising efforts
  • Upgrading and extending the existing restroom facilities of the school for the students and staff
  • Rebuilding an additional set of restroom facilities and providing sanitary materials and toiletries for the use of students
  • Donating trash receptacles for the school yard and funds to maintain the cleanliness of the school
  • Providing substantial funding to support the reclamation of lower campus from use as public parking
  • Replacing broken window panes and repairing roof leaks
  • Donating 200 new chair and desk sets to the school
  • Donating funds to the school to pay and retain staff during the course of the Ebola crisis
  • Donating funds to UNICEF to assist in caring for children(including AWMS)orphaned by Ebola
  • Donating health and sanitation supplies to the Sierra Leone Embassy to help prevent /combat Ebola
  • Upgrading and replacing agingBand Instruments
  • Making regular payments for Campus Cleaning Staff Salaries
  • Contributing towards Annual Parking Lot Revenue Replacement
  • Providing office equipment for main office and stationery for both office and students

AWOGA is a non – profit organization.

P. O. Box 1864, Silver Spring, MD 20902