Learn more and participate in our upcoming, fun-filled events here at Annie Walsh Old Girls Association (AWOGA).


    Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we cannot have face-to-face meetings as scheduled on the first Saturday of every month. We will, therefore, be meeting via Zoom, and your attendance will be highly appreciated. Details of the meeting will be shared with members via email.

  2. b. 2021 EVENTS

    1. Multi-purpose Court Inauguration – Thursday, July 29th

    Multi-purpose Court Inauguration
    • BEFORE
      events before
    • AFTER
      events after

    2. Reminiscence Event

    AWOGA Reminiscence Event Program
    The asoebi for the 35th Anniversary celebrations is now available. For details and orders, please send a message to or a text message to the following AWOGA Washington members:
    1. Ms Emerica Williams – Tel: 202-967-5518
    2. Mrs Jeredine Williams – Tel: 240-475-5415
    3. Dr Boi-Betty Udom – Tel: 202-967-5512

    3. AWMS 2Rs Restore & Rehabilitate Fundraising Campaign

More information coming soon……

Thank you for your continued support.

Audrey Pabs-Garnon

President, AWOGA Washington

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